Corporate Social Responsibility

As Arada Association, we have implemented CSR projects in a collaboration with institutions and corporations between 2014/18.

We gave trainings to institutions and employees  about social responsibility (for different disadvantaged groups) and implemented different art projects together (dance, theater, visual arts etc).

Our example projects with different international companies:

– Vienna Insurance Group:

We implemented a projects called ‘We are at street’and ‘ You are not disabled’ in Şehit Ali Üstteğmen School( Mentally Disabled, children with down sendrom and otism)  In this project we were in collaboration with  Ray Sigorta Vienna Insurance Group employees.

In 2 years we created shows which brings employees of company and disabled children together.

Through the messages we gave during the show, we aimed to create a sustainable social impact on both the audience and the participants.

– Schenker Arkas:

Our other social responsibility project called ‘GLOVES’had been implemented with Schenker Arkas. We have given performance and visual arts  workshops to children in poor areas as Dolapdere and Tophane. We have made vegan cakes, we have danced and made different rhythms lessons together. Senior executives of the company also attended all trainings with the children. With this project, Schenker Arkas received international praides.