Who we are?


Arada concept was created by international artists who comes  together to create social impact. We are working to spread art as a therapy method. We are creating and organizing international festivals, social cohesion projects and trainings.

Arada means ‘in-between’ in Turkish and is the name i chose for the annual festival I created in 2011. The idea stemmed from an interest in creating art which is not fixed but constantly in movement. The ‘in-between’ state also constitutes an important research area for me, at the intersection of art and social work: I indeed believe that both art and social structures are fluid and constantly changing; influenced by factors such as time, location and culture… reflecting the  Evaluation of individuals themselves. The ‘Arada Manifesto’ will bring to life different perspectives of the ‘in-between’ state, such as:

To be in-between:  ARA’ DA olmak – EQUALITY- DIVERSITY

Identities: (nations, genders, cultures, bodies) dislocated or unidentified as migrants, disabled, refugee, LGBTI+ community, women and other minorities.)


A.      Interdisciplinarity (between arts and social scenes),

B.      Interculturality
Between different cultures
Cultural similarities
Between traditional and modern cultures
Migration, cultural transport and intercultural logistic

To be in a constant state of interrogation:


       (Between Art and Social Impact)

Arada attempts to bring together methods from seemingly unrelated disciplines to develop foundational research for peace building.

The ‘Arada Manifesto’ aims to create a bridge between art disciplines and social sciences, with the ultimate objective to create a practical platform for impactful use of art in social projects. The book is aimed at a diverse audience of academicians, social workers, art managers, social workers, fund managers and more broadly peace-makers working in art or social sciences.

Arada Association brings interdisciplinary models together  that can be used not only in moments of social crisis, but also in the field of personal development and especially in the business world in areas like corporate communications. Arada Team has 15 years experience of artistic work with disabled people, immigrants and refugees, as well as socio-philosophical research conducted annually with artists during the “Arada Interdisciplinary Arts Festival”.

Arada Team

Serkan Bozkurt

Saime Bozkurt

Evrim Doğan

Ceylan Dökmen

Fikriye Bulunmaz


Nil Görkem

Yasemin Yeşilgöz